Laravel Facades

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Laravel Facades

Getting non static function statically is called Facades.

Lets set the cache like below in our web route


and get it using dd()

Result : “navid”

As we can see cache() is not a static method. If we Ctrl+Left Mouse Click on cache(),it will go to that method and we can see the cache()

function cache()
        $arguments = func_get_args();

        if (empty($arguments)) {
            return app('cache');

        if (is_string($arguments[0])) {
            return app('cache')->get(...$arguments);

        if (! is_array($arguments[0])) {
            throw new Exception(
                'When setting a value in the cache, you must pass an array of key / value pairs.'

        return app('cache')->put(key($arguments[0]), reset($arguments[0]), $arguments[1] ?? null);

Though cache() is not a static function ,but in Laravel we can call it statically .It is called Facades.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cache; cache::set('name',"navid");

Result is “navid”

Check out the official documentation of Facades

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