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Top YouTube Downloaders and Converters for iPhone and Other Platforms

Best YouTube downloader The term “Best YouTube downloader” is a broad one and can mean different things to different people. However, some of the most popular and highly-rated YouTube downloaders based on user reviews and ratings include: 1.           4K Video Downloader – 2.           Freemake Video Downloader – 3.           YTD Video Downloader – […]


TypeScript: What Is It, How Is It Different From Javascript And Why Should A Web Developer Know It

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in web development environments. It has dynamic typing, a fairly simple and understandable syntax, plus it is very widespread both in old projects and on new sites. And for some tasks in development, there are no alternatives other than JavaScript. However, in 2012, Microsoft decided to develop a […]


HTTP Requests – What Are They?

HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol was developed specifically for data transfer and web browsing. Each HTTP interaction looks like a communication between the user and the server: a person using the client makes a request (HTTP Requests) to the server, and the server gives an answer – for example, displays the site in the browser. […]

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