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Top 12 Newbie Web Development Mistakes

Web development includes several markup languages, the need to have basic programming skills, the ability to work with various technologies that are constantly updated. It’s easy to make a mistake somewhere. However, we can highlight the most common mistakes that beginners make. Their list does not change depending on the technology, so this list of […]


9 Basic Principles of Programming

Anyone can write code, you say. What about good code? This is where the difficulties begin. We’ve all heard those horror stories about incredible if-else chains, programs that crash when just one variable changes, incomprehensible methods, and so on. This happens when creating a product, when there is only six months of training behind them. […]


Combine WordPress and Laravel

Often there is such a situation when it is necessary to combine CMS WordPress and Laravel site. There are various situations, but I will list some that our team personally encountered: There can be many solutions to such situations. The developer always has the question of what to choose and how to implement. Personal account […]

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